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Van Gogh and Van Vliet

Flowers at the Metropolitan Museum

I recently attended a lecture and demonstration at The Metropolitan Museum of Art given by Remco Van Vliet. Remco is a third generation Dutch floral designer and he is responsible for the amazing flowers in the Great Hall at the Metropolitan Museum. Every Monday Van Vliet changes the flowers behind the information desk and in the four large niches along the Great Hall. In addition to the Met gig, Remco partners with his brother, Cas Trap, at Van Vliet and Trap, a major event design company. The lecture and demonstration, "Van Gogh in Bloom", recreated Van Gogh floral motifs and coincided with the Van Gogh: Irises and Roses exhibition.
Remco used bearded irises, procured by brother Cas Trap, that were exactly like the ones

Van Gogh's Irises
Irises, 1889 Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh painted and created his own Dutch masterpiece! All the floral designs were, of course, lovely and created very quickly.

Remco is a true master and you can watch him on YouTube as he creates his weekly floral feat at the Met. The Met flowers are a gift from Lila Acheson Wallace.

Beautiful flowers!